GuidiGO enables Museums to instantly create immersive guided tours on Glass, for free

GuidiGO has released the first and only Google certified Glassware designed specifically for Museums and cultural institutions.

Upon arrival at a museum or cultural site visitors can start an immersive visit by saying the command “OK Glass, start a tour.” Several museums in the US and UK have already begun preparing their content for Glass thanks to GuidiGO Studio, to offer their visitors a new compelling experience. This easy-to-use online editor enables the creation of guided tours with audio, video and images, before publishing them to Glass in just 1-click.

An immersive experience - GuidiGO for Glass

“OK Glass, start a tour”: GuidiGO is selected first Glass Certified Partner for Museums and cultural sites

Audio guides have dominated museum enjoyment and education since they were first introduced in 1952. GuidiGO for Glass marks a major technological breakthrough and will be the turning point for visitor experience in museums and cultural sites. Google just announced that it has selected GuidiGO for its Glass at Work program. Museums and cultural institutions…