GuidiGO enables Museums to instantly create immersive guided tours on Glass, for free

GuidiGO has released the first and only Google certified Glassware designed specifically for Museums and cultural institutions.

Upon arrival at a museum or cultural site visitors can start an immersive visit by saying the command “OK Glass, start a tour.” Several museums in the US and UK have already begun preparing their content for Glass thanks to GuidiGO Studio, to offer their visitors a new compelling experience. This easy-to-use online editor enables the creation of guided tours with audio, video and images, before publishing them to Glass in just 1-click.

Museums that wish to offer a Glass experience – the way they would rent an audio tour – only need to buy Glass and activate the GuidiGO Glassware. By not having to build their own Glassware, museums save time and money, and can focus on their core activity.

Designed to be non-intrusive and hands-free, GuidiGO uses image recognition to identify unique works of art and display additional relevant content (audio, video and images), while visual cues allow visitors to discover what is invisible to the naked eye.

GuidiGO already has 250 guided tours in 27 destinations ready for Glass, from the Impressionist history of Montmartre, to the magic of the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul, and the hidden secrets of San Francisco!

“GuidiGO is reinventing guided tours, and effectively replacing audio guides,” said David Lerman, the CEO of GuidiGO. “It’s like having a personal human guide with you all the time. A unique experience that’s only possible with GuidiGO for Glass.”

GuidiGO’s glassware required more than 500 man-days to develop, including prototyping with two major museums on the West Coast – an Art Museum and a Science Center.

“Glass Rooms”, an educational program to help museums migrate to Glass

To help Museums and cultural institutions migrate their content to Glass, GuidiGO will launch this summer the “Glass Rooms” educational program with free webinars, workshops, and personalized customer support.

“GuidiGO will also provide assistance to Museums and cultural institutions that would like to offer Glass to their visitors, on an on-going basis or just as a one-off event,” added Lerman.

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