The DIA launches the first public mobile tour to integrate 3D wayfinding and AR experiences with Google Tango augmented reality technology

On January 25, the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) has premiered a mobile tour called Lumin that uses Google’s Tango technology to provide visitors with new, in-depth ways to engage with the DIA’s renowned collection.

The DIA is the first art museum in the world to integrate this 3D wayfinding and smartphone augmented reality (AR) technology into a public mobile tour, leveraging GuidiGO’s new augmented reality platform, AR Composer.

GuidiGO AR Composer

Augmented Reality Comes to Museums with GuidiGO AR Composer

We are excited to announce the release of our new Augmented Reality product AR Composer which runs on the Google Tango platform. We have already had the opportunity to showcase this technology at several museums.

GuidiGO AR Composer opens up incredible new opportunities for museums and cultural sites, as they can now design their own AR experiences in just a few simple steps, and make them available on site or for remote use by schools and other educational institutions.

Happy Kid

Four Keys to Keeping Children Happy at the Museum

I spent last weekend at the park with my two boys, ages 4 and 6. The place was full of excited, giggling children running every which way, and none of us wanted the day to end.

I caught myself wondering what the magic was about parks that made children never want to leave…and why they don’t tend to feel the same way when we take them to the museum.

The answer might seem obvious: at the park, children can play. But what is the psychology behind why they often prefer a fun excursion to the park over a visit to the museum?…


Wearable devices in Museums: Ready for everyone

For the first time in history, museumgoers will have the opportunity to enjoy a completely new experience using Google Glass, during the Velázquez exhibition at the Grand Palais, in Paris.

This exhibition will be the first of its kind, not only because Velázquez has never been featured in an exhibition in France before but also because visitors can experience it in a completely new way, through Google Glass.

Keith Haring Tour in GuidiGO glassware

GuidiGO new storytelling platform enhances Keith Haring exhibition at the de Young Museum through Google Glass

GuidiGO, the leading storytelling platform for creating next generation guided tours on mobile and wearable devices, partners with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, to offer the first-ever tour of a complete exhibition on Glass.

To make this stunning experience possible, the team at the Fine Arts Museums selected the new version of GuidiGO Studio that now integrates beacons/ Bluetooth LE technology and Augmented Reality effects. The Fine Arts Museums also partnered with Antenna InternationalTM who produced the content using the GuidiGO platform.

Keit Haring - The Political Line

“Keith Haring: The Political Line” through Glass

Glass Explorer Event at San Francisco:

Glass Explorers, you can experience the new exhibition Keith Haring: The Political Line through Glass at the de Young Museum December 2nd through February 16th. GuidiGO has created a phenomenal tour featuring 19 pieces from the exhibition, all with additional content by Antenna InternationalTM delivered through Glass.

Head to Golden Gate Park!

GuidiGO enables Museums to instantly create immersive guided tours on Glass, for free

GuidiGO has released the first and only Google certified Glassware designed specifically for Museums and cultural institutions.

Upon arrival at a museum or cultural site visitors can start an immersive visit by saying the command “OK Glass, start a tour.” Several museums in the US and UK have already begun preparing their content for Glass thanks to GuidiGO Studio, to offer their visitors a new compelling experience. This easy-to-use online editor enables the creation of guided tours with audio, video and images, before publishing them to Glass in just 1-click.