GuidiGO new storytelling platform enhances Keith Haring exhibition at the de Young Museum through Google Glass

GuidiGO, the leading storytelling platform for creating next generation guided tours on mobile and wearable devices, partners with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, to offer the first-ever tour of a complete exhibition on Glass.

To make this stunning experience possible, the team at the Fine Arts Museums selected the new version of GuidiGO Studio that now integrates beacons/ Bluetooth LE technology and Augmented Reality effects. The Fine Arts Museums also partnered with Antenna InternationalTM who produced the content using the GuidiGO platform.

Visitors can now walk around the gallery and immerse themselves into Keith Haring’s universe through fascinating historical content about his life and work. When approaching a particular artwork, contextual audio and visual content appears automatically on Glass. Augmented reality effects help to deepen the visitor’s understanding of the artwork by zoning in on hidden details not easily visible or noticeable to the eye.

David Lerman, CEO of GuidiGO, explained: “Wearing Glass as you visit the gallery is like embarking on a journey through time, with visual archives, contextual music and testimonials. Within minutes, visitors completely forget they are even wearing Glass, as the screen subtly turns on only when needed, revealing stories within artwork.”

Colin B. Bailey, Director of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, said: “As an institution located in a cradle of technological innovation, the Fine Arts Museums are pleased to participate in an initiative that provides models for a deeper engagement with the collections and exhibitions under our care. We’re excited to incorporate this pilot multimedia tour into our broader educational mission.”

David Falter, President and CEO of Antenna International said: “GuidiGO’s platform was easy and flexible to work with and in combination with our content, created this amazing Glass experience. We see great potential for producing stunning immersive tours in museums”.

To try it out, visitors need to have access to Glass and to activate the GuidiGO Glassware. They can then get the tour “Keith Haring: The Political Line” by registering here.


Exhibition Keith Haring: The Political Line, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, December 2nd – February 16th.


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