GuidiGO presents the first Project Tango app capable of 3D indoor geolocation at Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (Barcelona)

Guiding visitors effectively is key for museums. Between the necessity of orienting crowds and the legitimate concern for preserving the scenography of the displays, it takes a lot of imagination to avoid turning a museum visit into an orienteering session or treasure hunt. As a result, in recent years, we’ve seen a multitude of tech devices develop, in addition to traditional signage in museums, that rely on things like WiFi and iBeacon signals to work.

In practice, these solutions require an infrastructure that is often more cumbersome and more expensive than expected, and the results are sometimes disappointing (see our article on Tech Trends). Taking into account the limits of such technologies, GuidiGO decided to explore a different path by making our app compatible with Google Project Tango. This technology offers an incomparable advantage: it works without any infrastructure. Yes, you read that correctly: no infrastructure at all! No need for an internet connection, WiFi, sensors, or GPS. Museums have nothing to install and no equipment to maintain!

David Lerman, GuidiGO’s CEO, explains the magic behind it: “The tablet is loaded with sensors that detect motion, volume, and depth. A 3D map of the interior of the museum is created in advance by scanning the walls, partitions, installations, etc. The tablet later recognizes these elements and makes it possible for the visitor to remain continuously localized, with no need to connect to any signal.”

But that’s not all, not only do visitors know their exact position, they can also opt for a 3D view with an AR path superimposed on the floor…

GuidiGO Project Tango AR Directions


… or choose a dual view with the 2D map:

GuidiGO Project Tango Map View


Would you like to see a live demo? Take a look at our app running in this video shot at the beautiful Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, during the recent MWC 2016 (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona. The GuidiGO app was presented to the press in the presence of teams from Google Project Tango, and Lenovo – the manufacturer of the tablet.

Besides being a game changer for indoor positioning, Project Tango’s ability to recognize the user’s environment opens the door to numerous AR applications. At the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, we were excited to present the interpretation of a painting in Augmented Reality. Above a 33-foot-long canvas (“The Battle of Tetuan” by Mariano Fortuny), AR 3D markers appear in the air, indicating that additional content is available to explain a detail in the piece.

GuidiGO Project Tango AR

And this is only the beginning… Stay tuned!

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