Missing part of an image

Harnessing the full potential of game options to create exciting tours for families

One of the most thrilling features of the GuidiGO platform is without a doubt the possibility to create game tours. Making a tour fun is the best way to engage young visitors as they explore a site.

To help you diversify your games, GuidiGO Studio offers 9 types of challenges as standard features:

  • Open question
  • Multiple Choice with texts
  • Multiple Choice with images
  • Fill-in-the-blanks (with or without clues)
  • Photo challenge
  • Photo challenge with an Augmented Reality object
  • Magic Scanner
  • Solving a mystery word / a mystery code
  • Solving a jigsaw puzzle

Do you want even more variety? Here are some possibilities!

First, consider using the “audio” field of the challenge. This way, you can invite the player to identify animal cries, tool noises, musical instrument sounds, etc.

You can also use standard challenges to create other types of games. Here are a few different ways to use them.


1. Matching game

Possible uses:

  • Match each image with the correct statement
  • Match works of art or characters with the correct era, artistic movement, etc.

matching game


2. Sorting game

Possible uses:

  • Place events in chronological order
  • Sort animals by speed or weight, sort monuments by height, length of construction, etc.

sorting game

3. Completing an image

Possible use:

  • Look at a work of art and put the missing details back in place.

image with holes


4. Spotting the hidden detail

Possible use:

  • Look at a work of art or a scene and spot a detail in it.

hidden object

5. Finding the missing object

Possible use:

  • Look closely at a work or scene to identify the missing detail.

detail missing

6. Solving a rebus

Possible use:

  • Involve younger children, especially those who are not yet proficient in reading.


To learn how to create each of these challenges, go to our online help center where you can access the files we used to create the examples above.

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