New! Challenges are now visible in the Studio Preview

You are already used to testing your tour inside GuidiGO Studio by clicking the Preview button at the bottom of the screen. But until now, this preview did not allow you to test the game portion of your tour.

Well, good news: this has now been made possible!

You can test every challenge in your tour, whatever its type, and check the questions, answers, number of tries, etc. Once on the challenge screen, click the “Answer” button and you’ll also be able to preview the reward screen.

You can even launch a realistic simulation of your “Magic scanner” challenges (with the real sound of the scanner!) and see the artifacts appear.

Magic scanner testing

Magic scanner result

Last, not only can challenges be easily reviewed, but also the whole content of the inventory (artifacts, messages, letters to complete a mystery word, and jigsaw puzzles).

Now let your visitors have fun… and have fun yourself creating your game tours!

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