New! You can now add videos to your tour stops

Until now, GuidiGO Studio allowed you to add video links in the “Additional Information” section of your tour.

Today, we offer you a great feature to enrich your visitors’ experience. You can now embed one or even several videos directly into a stop. Check out the new button “Add video” at the bottom of the stop page.

Unlike the video links, the embedded videos will be available offline for users once they have downloaded your tour.


Your video clips will be automatically encoded to minimize the space used on their device. However, downloading your tour will of course take longer and that’s one of the reasons why we strongly recommend you to upload only short videos (maximum 3 minutes) – for this and also for a better user experience.

Studio side, note that the video can take some time to upload – according to its size – and also that the publication of a tour including videos can be longer than usual.

Hope you will enjoy this new feature!

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