The First 100

Over 100 guided tours
After only a few months of operations, we have reached our first summit – 100 beautiful interactive guided tours available in over 27 countries.

This could be perceived as a relatively meaningless number, dwarfed by the profusion of monumental figures spewing from modern Internet, but we think it has a special meaning.


This project has taken over 2 years to surface from a dedicated team of around 10 full time people.
First of all, our goal was to provide passionate individuals and local experts with an incredibly intuitive interface, blazingly fast creative process and powerful publishing features that makes creating interactive guided tours, child’s play.
Our second focus was on the mobile application itself. We aimed at making the finest user experience available today and on every device. This alone is an incredible undertaking given the extremely large spectrum of proprietary technology (still) available on multiple platforms and OS.

And finally, we wanted this to become a dynamic marketplace were anyone could bring their passion and expertise to the general public. We also wanted to offer a unrivaled platform for all cultural institutions to promote and manage their ever evolving content. And we wanted to wrap this in promising multi-faceted revenue streams for those interested in growing their business around the world.

So when we saw, just recently, that we have not only reached our first 100 Global Tours in under 5 months of opening but also the state of our publication pipeline, well, we were just overblown with joy!

Thanks to all the authors!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Silvia, Paul, Mary, Jerome, Anny, Fay, Sebastian, Goran, Mathilde, Xiayi, Marion, Jesper, Danny, Steven, Marianne, Sam, Matthew, Can, Tommy, Simon, Neil, Johann and all the other authors for their absolutely wonderful work and shared passion for our endeavor and we are forever thankful for their participation and collaboration.

And to those that are reading this post, please take a moment and flip through these tours on our website or on your phone, and pause and imagine, how even your story could take shape within just minutes by publishing your story on GuidiGO!

Next stop – 250!

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