The Grand Palais Google Tango App for “Eternal Sites” Wins First Prize For Innovation At RNCI 2017

On January 13, the 8th edition of RNCI, a French national conference for culture and innovation, took place at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. For the occasion, the winners of the Prizes for Heritage and Innovation were announced.

The RMN-Grand Palais won first place in the “Virtual and Augmented Reality/Immersion” category for their exhibition entitled Sites Eternels (Eternal Sites). We are particularly pleased with this news as GuidiGO created the Tango app used for this exhibition in collaboration with the Google Cultural Institute.

Using 3D images from the startup Iconem, the app we developed allowed visitors to explore a reproduction of the ancient city of Palmyra in augmented reality on Tango tablets, and to witness the destruction of its arch piece by piece, along with a simulation of its reconstruction.

This world premiere of the augmented reality experience with Google Tango was offered for free to the Grand Palais visitors, highlighting the latest technological advancements and applying them to the preservation and dissemination of our cultural heritage.

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