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The GuidiGO Web App Has Been Entirely Redesigned To Offer Two New User Experiences

For the arrival of summer, the web version of the GuidiGO app is getting a complete makeover! Tours are now even more accessible thanks to a new responsive interface that is easier to use. The updated Web App includes two new exciting possibilities for users: an instant mobile experience on the go and Street View Tours for remote use.

An instant mobile experience

The new GuidiGO web interface is entirely responsive and gives you immediate access to tours on any mobile device, no matter what the screen size. All the users have to do is open their web browser when they arrive on site to access the tour. There’s no longer any need to install an app. Twice as fast as the former version, tours now load almost instantaneously. The new version is just as user-friendly as the native GuidiGO app, and the visitor experience is still optimized, no matter what mobile device or web browser is used.

Cliquez sur l'image pour accéder à ce parcours
Click the image to access this demo tour

The new web app makes accessing tours much faster and easier. Each stop of the tour can even be triggered with a QR code or BLE beacon. However, unlike the native GuidiGO app which makes it possible to access tours offline, the user does need an active internet connection for it to work. (The native app also includes in-app games and purchase options soon to be available in the web app.)

Street View Tours

Tours are now accessible directly via a web browser. This is a game-changer because it makes tours accessible remotely for those who are unable to visit sites in person, whether for financial, geographic, or physical reasons. It also makes it possible to preview a location before visiting it, or go on a virtual field trip in which an entire class can explore cultural and heritage sites from the other side of the world – like here, in Rome:

Click the image to access this tour

or at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California:

CHM Revolution Tour
Click the image to access this tour

If the tour takes place outside, or inside a building already mapped by Google, the GuidiGO interface automatically synchronizes with Google Street View data. For other tours, the author simply needs to associate a 2:1 image with each stop, using GuidiGO Studio when building the tour.

Add Street View

The angle and zoom can also be adjusted so the user can look in the right direction as they proceed.

A Look at the Updates

Here is a preview of the main features of our new web interface:

  • The tour map is now at the heart of the experience, and is always permanently running in the background.
  • The list of stops is optimized: the user can now view more stops at a time without having to scroll.
  • Map-impressionnistes-list
    Click the image to access this tour
  • One key element of the new web app is the card grouping together all content related to each stop of the tour: the address, texts, images, audio, videos, and panoramic views. All accessible in one click:
  • Card of the stop

  • The display has been optimized to allow more space for the images.
  • webapp-Impressi-Images

  • Navigating between stops is now more user-friendly and permanently accessible.
  • Tour Navigation

  • Users can find their geolocation using any device.
  • In Street View mode, the location of each stop is indicated with a pointer (as in the mobile versions of GuidiGO).
  • pointer-in-SV
    Click the image to access this tour
  • It is now possible to share published tours in Private mode with people of your choosing.


Explore your own tours right away in Street View mode or in the Web App

Can’t wait to see your own tours using the new GuidiGO web interface? It couldn’t be more simple:

  • On With the Start button on your tour page – if the tour is public.
  • Start Tour-page

  • In GuidiGO Studio: By clicking on the URL for your tour in the Publish tab. The URL appears as soon as you publish the tour, whether it is in Public or Private mode.
  • Tour-URL

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