GuidiGO for Education / “Viewing Angles” —The Unveiling

At the close of this school year, the prestigious town hall of Paris, district 4, hosted the Paris release of the Viewing Angles project. This unveiling followed five months of diligent work.

Back when the project was launched, its goal was to bring educational establishments and cultural institutions together. We can now see the success of this collaboration, which produced tours and cultural games accessible to all through tablets and computers.

Angles de vue - Bilan -18-06-2015-d

Before the gathered parents, the participants shared Viewing Angles’ success, a success that involved no less than 400 students and 17 renowned cultural institutions. Christophe Girard and Pierre Aidenbaum, mayors of the 4th and 3rd districts of Paris respectively, highlighted the importance of actively involving the youngest members of society in valuing their town’s cultural heritage. Sonia Zillhardt, representative of the Department of Culture and Communication, praised this ambitious project, which brought students, teachers, and cultural institutions together to collaborate on the key areas of focus established by her department for the year 2015: youth and cultural tourism.

David Lerman presents Viewing Angles’ results
David Lerman presents Viewing Angles’ results

David Lerman, CEO of GuidiGO, revealed the project results, presenting key figures and the list of skills used by the students involved (infographics available here). He highlighted Viewing Angles’ great success in garnering support and uniting effort beyond all expectations; in addition to the Paris Marais and Sarthe schools, classes from Yonne and even the Lycée Français de San Francisco joined the project along the way, adding a dash of international flare. All in all, using GuidiGO Studio, our budding historians created 15 cultural tours, each augmented by games, and published them on the GuidiGO app.

Angles de vue - Bilan -18-06-2015-a
After the presentation, guests were able to test the tours on tablets made available at the event. Students proudly presented their work and discovered what their fellow students had created.

In light of the conclusive results of the Viewing Angles project, GuidiGO hopes to expand into other regions. We are already planning to put this new educational tool for the arts and culture into widespread use for the 2015-2016 school year. If you are a teacher, open to innovative pedagogical projects, or if you represent a cultural institution and would like to learn about GuidiGO, contact us at: education (at)

We at GuidiGO thank everyone who so enthusiastically participated in this exciting project as well as all those who have supported it since its inception.

Happy summer to all!

PS: To explore the 15 tours (in French), download the GuidiGO app and search for Angles de vue (ie, “Viewing Angles”).

Learn more:

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all the schools and teachers who participated: Muriel Etcheber (Collège Couperin, Paris), Véronique Ferey (Ecole élémentaire Quatre-Fils, Paris), Carole Josodola (Ecole élémentaire Tournelles, Paris), Marie-Josèphe Tholomier (Ecole Neuve Saint Pierre, Paris), Agnès de Willecot, Claire Granone, Jennifer Willms et Agnès Guillemard (Ecole élémentaire Renard, Paris), Christelle Blanchard (Ecole Condorcet, Yvré l’Evêque), Bénédicte Lecuyer (Ecole de Sougé-le-Ganelon), Lise Manguy (Ecole Ferdinand Buisson, Le Mans), Vincent Devaux (Collège Stéphane Mallarmé, Sens), Aurélie Caudron (Collège du Parc des Chaumes, Avallon), Cathy Germain (Collège de Puisaye), Anne-Sophie Danieau (Lycée Français de San Francisco).

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