Virtual Reality has arrived at GuidiGO!

At GuidiGO, our objective is to help museums and heritage sites make their visitor experience more and more immersive and engaging. So it comes as no surprise that we are passionate about virtual reality and all of its promising possibilities (read our article on VR here).

The GuidiGO platform is now compatible with Google Cardboard

Today, we are taking it to the next level. With Instant VR, GuidiGO is putting itself at the forefront of virtual reality by becoming the first storytelling platform compatible with Google Cardboard.

But we haven’t forgotten our golden rule: using GuidiGO Studio is still as simple as blogging. And your visitors will still find all the same functions on the App that they’ve come to enjoy. For us, virtual reality is an additional way to enrich the visitor experience. We don’t believe it should replace an actual visit to a cultural site, but we do think it can make this visit even more exciting! Virtual reality goes so far as to let you feel in an almost tactile way the sensations that 2D photo and video can only let you imagine.

One advantage of this new technology is that it’s accessible to everyone. Since the cost of Google Cardboard is extremely low (less than $10 each), anyone can buy one and cultural sites can make it available to their visitors at very little cost. And even if visitors don’t have Google Cardboard, they can still access 360 views on their mobile phones and tablets via the gyroscope sensor.

Try out Instant VR right now!

Do you have Google Cardboard? Our “Imaginary Tour” gives you a first glimpse at virtual reality’s potential to transform your experience of a cultural site. In addition to the incredible 360 views, which are already available, we will soon be enriching the experience by adding 360 video and 3D objects. In the meantime, you can download this first tour for free in the GuidiGO app for android and let yourself be transported to a new dimension (Instant VR will soon be available in our iPhone app too; for the moment you can experience the 360 views in Panorama mode).

Stop 1: Visit Van Gogh’s “Bedroom in Arles”
Van Gogh's Bedroom
(3D environment created by ruslans3D)

Stop 2: Walk-through of Dendera Temple, Egypt
Dendera Temple


Stop 4: See the Colosseum as a gladiator
Le Colisée
(3D environment created by Pikoandniki)

Stop 7: Timeline
Time line


Can’t wait to add virtual reality to your own tours?

Each stop of your tour can be enriched with 360 views in 3 easy steps!

  1. In GuidiGO Studio, go to the “360 views” section, under the “Stops” tab. Instant VR is available with the GuidiGO Premium Plan.
  2. Upload an equirectangular image. In the coming weeks, you will be able to upload 360 videos and 3D objects too.
    GuidiGO Studio
  3. In the GuidiGO app, view your 360 scene in the “Bonus” section by tapping the “Open in Google Cardboard” button. Currently available on Android – and coming soon to iPhone.
    Cardboard GuidiGO

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