You can now embed 3D content on GuidiGO

We are excited to announce a new feature for interacting with and exploring cultural sites using Sketchfab 3D reproductions of works.

The 3D Explosion

In recent years, 3D image production has become much more accessible. Techniques like photogrammetry in which an object is photographed from many different angles so it can then be reproduced in 3D, used to require complex and costly equipment. Today, you can create a 3D model of an object or even an entire scene using nothing but your smartphone.

Similarly, the diffusion of 3D models took a giant leap forward with the arrival of the WebGL standard, which makes it possible to display 3D images in any web browser. This is where Sketchfab comes into play. In only four years’ time, the platform has become the leader in publishing and sharing 3D models, with close to a million models shared by its members.

Sketchfab and GuidiGO: a Natural Synergy

Though Sketchfab initially appealed to designers wishing to share their creations, their community has expanded over the years to include a variety of museums. Over 350 museums and cultural sites all over the world are now using Sketchfab, including the famous British Museum, and the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Brussels – who published no less than 355 models alone. Sketchfab now boasts a collection that would be the envy of a number of institutions the world over.

It soon became obvious that Sketchfab and GuidiGO, the leading storytelling platform with its 5,000 commented cultural sites and works, would be a perfect match. It is no surprise, then, that the 3D works on Sketchfab now interface with GuidiGO’s tour-creating tools.

GuidiGO now natively supports Sketchfab 3D embeds and lets you add 3D and VR illustrations to your stories.

Tremendous potential for GuidiGO users

This incredible functionality is available to anyone who creates a tour on GuidiGO. It is especially useful when accessing tours remotely, or when planning a visit. When it is impossible to make a trip to a cultural site in person, you can still enjoy the works on display and the cultural space itself.

For a few months now, the new GuidiGO web app has featured street views and 360° panoramas,” explains Corine Barbazanges, Head of Marketing at GuidiGO. “But 3D models open the way to even more possibilities. Our users are going to be able to create amazing tours based around a theme, rather than on the exploration of one specific site. They can even create their ideal collection by bringing together works from different museums with absolutely no geographic constraints.

This is the idea behind the 3D Imaginary Tour created by GuidiGO as a demo. In this tour, you will hear the story of the Nefertiti bust and the Roman Colosseum. As you listen, you can look at every detail and rotate the objects to see them from multiple angles. You can also learn about Protoceratops, a dinosaur that you can spin around in 3D as it walks across your screen.

Now, museums can offer virtual tours to anyone unable to visit in person—particularly schools with limited means. A teacher could also create a tour based on a thematic selection of works and then use it as part of their curriculum—they could even invite students to create their own tours as a class project. Art lovers might also create a gallery of their favorite works and enrich them with personal commentary.


Of course, a virtual tour can never replace an on-site visit. As GuidiGO CEO David Lerman is well aware:

There is nothing like the feeling you get from real contact with a work or space. But the fact is, no one has the means to visit every museum in the world. That’s why art books and documentaries exist. So why not have virtual tours as well? Augmented with Sketchfab resources, the GuidiGO web app makes it possible to view works in 3D and in great detail; it also enriches the experience with audio commentary and visual references. In my opinion, this is one of the best remote visitor experiences ever created so far.

The experience is sure to appeal to museums and culture lovers; especially since opening an account is free on both Sketchfab and GuidiGO.

What are you waiting for?

Would you like to create a tour of ancient Egyptian artifacts, animal sculptures throughout the ages, or the collections at the British Museum? It couldn’t be more simple.

Start by creating your tour in GuidiGO Studio. Decide which stops you want to add, then enrich them with text, audio and video content. If you’d like to add 3D content to a stop in your tour, simply copy the URL of the model from Sketchfab then paste it in your stop, in GuidiGO Studio:

Finally, publish your tour in just one click. A few minutes later, it will be accessible from any web browser.

Note: Sketchfab 3D models are not yet available in the GuidiGO mobile apps.

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